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Luxury Wedding Invites and Zazzle. A Perfect Partnership

Choose from unique luxury wedding invitations from our featured boutique designers. It is our pleasure to showcase beautiful handpicked wedding invitation styles for you in the most popular wedding themes. Luxury Wedding Invites provides for all your stationery and accessory needs for your wedding journey, from save the date announcements, to wedding invitation collections, to day-of wedding paper goods and accessories, to wedding thank you cards and wedding keepsakes for newlyweds. 

All stationery and matching items are professionally printed by Zazzle and its partners and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love it Zazzle will give you your money back.


You’re Engaged! Congratulations!

You have found your perfect partner, and made life-long commitments to each other. You are planning a beautiful and fantastic future together. Now is the time to have family and friends share in your joyous celebration.

Getting started on choosing your stationery and accessories seems overwhelming but Luxury Wedding Invites is here to help.

Luxury Wedding Invites has handpicked unique independent designers and assembled their wedding invitation suites into one single site – we have worked to bring these collections together so you don’t have to waste time searching on Zazzle through each designer’s store.

Every design showcased on Luxury Wedding Invites can be fully customized by you to your exact specifications. You can add photos and text and create the precise wedding invitation suites that you want. Preview them online immediately, and once you have exactly what you want place your order.

Your wedding invitation suites will be professionally printed by Zazzle, and delivered to your home within days!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed by Zazzle.


1. When do I send out my Save The Date Cards?

After booking the venue (whether it be a local or destination wedding), the most important thing to do is to notify everyone with Save The Date cards.


Save the Date Card – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle


  • For Local Weddings: 4-9 months before
  • For Local Weddings with Out-of-Towers: 6-9 months before
  • For Destination Weddings: 9-12 months before

Because of everyone’s jam-packed schedules, you should be sending these out 6 months before the wedding – if it is a local event- and up to a year months prior if your are planning a destination wedding. The Save The Date card will contain the date and the location- more details will be included in the Wedding Invitations. The Save The Date cards also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to share your beautiful engagement photos!


2. When do I order my Wedding Invitations?


Wedding Invitation – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle


  • For Local Weddings: 10-14 weeks before 
  • For destination weddings: 6-9 months before

Finding the perfect invitation, the one that reflects you, your partner, the theme of your wedding and your future life together takes time. Start thinking about your invitations about a month of two before you send them out.


Ordering any of the invitations on this site from Zazzle can take anywhere between 2 and 11 business days for printing, shipping and delivery – depending on where you live in the world – yes Zazzle ships internationally! It also depends on the number of accessories you have chosen such as printed envelopes and wraparound labels or belly bands. Not all items are printed in the same location and may arrive separately at different times. Plan ahead for this. Zazzle makes it easy for you to see how long it will take and provides options for quicker delivery which you can choose.


3. What date should I set for the Wedding RSVP cards?


RSVP Card – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle


  • For Local Weddings: 3-5 weeks before 
  • For destination weddings: 2-4 months before

For local weddings, the RSVP card date to reply by should be about 4 weeks before your wedding date. This gives you time to finalize the venue, catering and hotel arrangements.


4. When do I address my Wedding Invitations?

  • For Local Weddings: 8-12 weeks before 
  • For destination weddings: 4-8 months before

You should be addressing your wedding invitations a couple of weeks before mailing them – add some additional time if you are getting customization by a professional calligrapher. Other options include having the mailing and return addresses pre-printed on  the envelopes, or use address labels.


5. When do I mail my Wedding Invitations?

  • For Local Weddings: 6-8 weeks before 
  • For destination weddings: 3-6 months before

Two months before the wedding, you should be sending out the invitations. If you have already sent out Save The Date cards (or even something fun and novel like a Save the Date magnet), your guests will know the date, and be expecting the invitation in the mail.

A fun idea is to use personalized wedding postage – your engagement picture can be printed directly on a stamp!



Chalkboard Love Stamps – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle

6. When should I order items for the Wedding Reception?

Congratulations! You have sent out the Save the Date Cards, the Wedding Invitations, and the RSVP Cards. Your guest list has been finalized, and you can pass all of that information over to your caterer, or wedding coordinator at the resort.

Once you have the final guest list, you can consider seating charts, reception menus, paper napkins and table number cards.

  •  3-5 weeks before your wedding date (depending on delivery times for products)

Chalkboard Table Number Card – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle


Chalkboard Love Personalized Wedding Paper Napkins – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle



Don’t be overwhelmed! There will be a lot to do, but Luxury Wedding Invites is here to help you. We will help you find the complete wedding invitation suites that match the theme of your wedding. Luxury Wedding Invites will provide you with incredible wedding invitation ideas.


7. When should I order and send out my Wedding Thank You Cards?

Sending out thank you cards to your guests sometimes gets overlooked, especially if you go on a honeymoon or are moving into a new house or if you are waiting for the photographer to provide you with a wedding photo for your cards. Although the timing of sending out your wedding thank you cards is flexible, don’t leave it for more than 2 months after your wedding.


Chalkboard Thank You Card – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle


Chalkboard Mr and Mrs Postage – Designed by Envelopments, and Printed by Zazzle


To be prepared you can order your matching thank you cards at the same time as you order your wedding invitations. Another option is to add your favorite design to your “Wish List” on the Luxury Wedding Invites website. Then when you are ready to order you can easily find that perfect card you picked out.


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